About me


Tearry K… Hi, my name’s Tearry Konjanthed and I’m a professional agency-represented model and actress from East Asia currently based in London. I absolutely love modelling and posing for my photos to be taken! I bring enthusiasm and passion to every shoot. When you book me for a shoot, I offer to pack a variety …



Tearry K performs in this scene in her latest role, see her here in ‘To the end of the Road’.           She is also interviewed at the end of this clip from the feature film being released in the UK from September 2012. Visit the film’s official site here! 



In a  new film, “The Emigrants Adventures”, Tearry K play the role of a Nepalese lady who fail in love with a Polish man but have to leave the country to marry a man who is predestined to be her husband in an arranged marriage. Tearry K is the main actress on this thriller/love story. Directed …